Shrink Sleeved Cans

Shrink sleeved cans are available for purchase by emailing
They are available in 12oz Standard, 16oz Standard, 19.2oz Standard, and 12oz Sleek in both gloss and matte finishes.
Size Cost per sleeved can* Minimum Order QTY**
12oz Standard $0.25 4,279 cans
16oz Standard $0.32 3,112 cans
19.2oz Standard $0.50 5,057 cans
12oz Sleek $0.32 4,048 cans
*Pricing listed is for gloss sleeves.  Matte sleeves cost an extra $0.03 per sleeve
**Orders will incur an additional $250 charge for each SKU ordered at less than the minimum quantity.
Current Sleeve Pricing
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